- 2022-01-19

451 Lebanon Coming to Downtown Lebanon

Originally published in The Lebanon Reporter 

This summer, Lebanon residents looking for housing will have more options. 451 Lebanon is expected to be complete in July and will bring what developers describe as 39 new, high-end apartments to the city. Located just north of the square, Iron Men Properties Co-owner Joseph Blake said the new apartment will bring new living options to residents.

Blake describes the market to the apartments as a “mixed bag” in that it’s not targeted toward families, but rather younger, early-career people in Lebanon and older people, who may not want to deal with the stresses of having a home. These apartment are not like a lot of other apartments around the city and in Boone County, he said.

Blake said 451 will have all the modern convinces of a single family, home but without the hassle.

“It has all of the conveniences that a lot of people have come to enjoy in a single family home like in-unit washers and dryers, stainless appliances and granite countertops,” he explained.

Blake said one of the problems people transitioning out of their homes often face is that they want a nice and convenient place to live, which is part of the choice of location for 451. The building is at 451 N. Lebanon St, hence the name. Blake said they wanted to improve the north gateway into downtown, from the residential area into the business district at the square.

“We felt like this was a really strategic piece of real estate and made sure that it was done well,” he said. “In collaboration with the mayor and the planning staff, we came up with a design that we think is very attractive.”

Blake said Iron Men is not just trying to build buildings for the sake of doing so. He said they worked with city administrators to make sure what they built was something they can look at as a good addition to Lebanon.

Applications are now being considered at 451lebanon.com.

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