- 2023-03-02

Community Unites for Historic Throwback High School Basketball Game at The Laurel Flats

The Laurel Flats, a historic apartment building that served as home to The Crawfordsville High School for over 80 years, proudly partnered with the current Crawfordsville High School to host a throwback basketball game. The throwback game is the first basketball game to be hosted in the historic gymnasium in nearly 30 years. The event was sold out with 1,600 people in attendance and included local city officials, former coaches, and Indiana all-stars.

The Athenians Team Logo

Owners Alex Blake, Mike Sandry, and Joe Blake of Iron Men Properties expressed their enthusiasm for being able to serve the community through this event. "It was an absolute privilege to be a part of bringing the city, fans, and alumni back together in this incredible venue!" They said, "Finding creative ways to partner with our communities is a core tenent of our personal and business philosophies." 

Tip Off For The Game

The throwback game was an opportunity for residents of Crawfordsville to come together and reminisce on past memories while also making new ones. The atmosphere was electric as fans cheered on their beloved high school team. Although Crawfordsville lost the game, the evening was still a success as it showed how much community spirit still exists in Crawfordsville.

Former Coaches

Past coaches of Crawfordsville High School honored.

The Laurel Flats is proud to be part of such an amazing event and looks forward to hosting more events like this one in the future. This event demonstrated how coming together can create something special, regardless of who wins or loses.  Events like these are what make living in Crawfordsville so special and why so many people call it home.

The Score

The game was close to the very end.

The partnership between Crawfordsville High School and The Laurel Flats has been an ongoing success since its inception earlier this year. Iron Men Properties’ hopes to see The Laurel Flats make an impact for Crawfordsville for years to come.

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